Press Release - May 15, 2000 Adds Volume of Sci-Fi Content

In Conjunction with David Hyde, Presents the Encyclopedia Dickiana, E Dika, and PKDweb, in a Stunning and Comprehensive Web Site About Philip K. Dick's Work, Life and Ideas.

After five years of work, David Hyde has completed and now presents, in conjunction with, PKDweb and the Encyclopedia Dickiana. Devoted to the ideas and work of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick (1928-1982), the site includes extensive reference material on PKD's novels, short stories, and other writings, original PKD-inspired essays, fiction and analysis (in E Dika, the online zine for PKD fans), and a thorough bibliography of primary and secondary material. Hyde's pages can be found on the internet at is dedicated to presenting info, insights and more about (arguably) the world's greatest science fiction writer. Philip K. Dick, who died in 1982 following a series of strokes, left behind a legacy of more than fifty novels, five volumes of short stories, reams of correspondence, and an 8,000 page self-examination he called his Exegesis. His psychological science fiction has been the basis for the films Blade Runner, Total Recall, Screamers and the upcoming film Impostor starring Gary Sinise and Madeline Stowe.

The site, in addition to David Hyde's PKDweb, includes news of interest to PKD fans, streaming media programs, a gallery of cover art, message board, and a variety of other features.

David Hyde began his task of researching and writing and creating his site of more than 200 pages five years ago. The site now contains more than 20 Megs of files of interest to science fiction and PKD fans. "I am thrilled to be able to offer these pages to the PKD community. By adding PKDweb to the excellent material already available on, we have created the ultimate web resource for fans of the legendary author," says Hyde, who chose to work with because of the non-commercial nature of the site and the active community of users that brings it to life.

E Dika, the e-zine of the site, is a continuation of For Dickheads Only, itself created in 1992 as a replacement for Paul Williams' Philip K. Dick Society Newsletter, the central publication, pre-Internet, for PKD fans.

Other new additions to include the Film-maker's Journal for the upcoming documentary The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick ( and information about the forthcoming film based on the early PKD story "Impostor".